The Six Fundamental Rules of Public Speaking

A blog post titled, “Rules for Public Speaking”, written by George Mitrovich, lists six fundamental rules he claims every public speaker must follow. His first rule advises that even if you are not adequate at public speaking, to never let the audience know. His second rule states, “Write out what you intend to say. Don’t… Continue reading The Six Fundamental Rules of Public Speaking

Interconnected web

Over the years as technological advances have been made, our social structure as a society has changed alongside this. As technology continues to advance, researches struggle to catch up in explaining how these industrial breakthroughs affect new generations. The internet is such a broad term that encompasses so many different outlets and meanings to a… Continue reading Interconnected web

AMBER alert

An AMBER alert is an early warning system used to help find abducted children that interrupts regular programming on almost all devices and forms of media. AMBER stands for Americas Missing: Broadcast Emergency Responds and was was created in recognition of Amber Hagerman who was kidnapped and then brutally murdered.  According to, each state… Continue reading AMBER alert

Insulting or inspiring: Stubbornness

Stubborn, strong-willed, determined, willful, pigheaded, difficult, and inflexible. Although these words all have the same meaning, they have very different connotations. Stubbornness is having an unbending determination to not change ones opinion or position. Some view this as a valuable thing, a willfulness that may help you get ahead in life and stand up for… Continue reading Insulting or inspiring: Stubbornness

Gender Roles

The commercial for Summer Eve is insinuating that using any “feminine” or “girly” products damages a man’s masculinity. If a man were to dare use anything geared towards females or anything gentle, they would be deprived of their “manliness”. In the commercial, a man accidentally uses a body wash for women, when he realizes this… Continue reading Gender Roles


When are we going to eat? What are we going to eat? Where are we going to eat? The questions continue, but why is nobody asking how the food arrives to our plate and what ingredients are sourced humanly. The food we consume not only has one of the biggest impacts on our lifestyle and… Continue reading Veganism