Gender Roles

The commercial for Summer Eve is insinuating that using any “feminine” or “girly” products damages a man’s masculinity. If a man were to dare use anything geared towards females or anything gentle, they would be deprived of their “manliness”. In the commercial, a man accidentally uses a body wash for women, when he realizes this mistake, he does everything and anything considered manly to compensate for the use of a feminine product.

gender roles

Masculinity is a fabricated idea society uses to differentiate between genders, when in actuality the way someone acts does not determine if they are male or female. This commercial uses a variety of examples of what masculinity is supposed to look like. Although over the top or thought to be harmless, this damages society’s perspective on how a man or woman should act. In the commercial, the include examples such as chopping wood, drinking a raw egg, playing the drums loudly, boxing, karate chopping blocks of wood, pulling a car by a rope with his teeth, and drinking beer then crushing the can.

Although some may not think twice, commercials with such gender roles imply how males should be manly or strong and create unrealistic standards. Such societal standards can create self esteem problems and an overall difficulty in expressing yourself in an accepting world.

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