Insulting or inspiring: Stubbornness

Stubborn, strong-willed, determined, willful, pigheaded, difficult, and inflexible. Although these words all have the same meaning, they have very different connotations. Stubbornness is having an unbending determination to not change ones opinion or position. Some view this as a valuable thing, a willfulness that may help you get ahead in life and stand up for what you believe in, while others see this as an inferior thing, an inflexible individual that lets their ego force them to pass up opportunities and is incapable of making change. Although I normally see this used with a bad connotation, I look at being stubborn as a good implication. When people call me stubborn, I decide to look at the positive impact this can have, being stubborn allows you to stand your ground whereas others may crumble, it allows you to have an undying determination whereas others may give up. Being stubborn is something I have found hard to work around sometimes, and can create conflict or frustration when I don’t get my way, or others don’t listen. Stubbornness is an immense part of me because it has such a great impact on my actions and the consequences to follow. Something I have learned is to use this trait to better myself, and become more positive, rather than angry or resentful. Others may intend this word to mean something unacceptable or demeaning, but I find that taking a positive outlook can be encouraging, especially for me to continue defending what I stand for without giving up. By applying something someone used to define you in a positive way, your characteristics can be encouraging instead of deterring. Instead of letting this stubborn trait get the best of me, I try to be willful and determined without getting frustrated or loose sight of what i’m fighting for.


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