Growing up a girl

Being a female, I was taught how to behave as a girl growing up, I needed to be “lady like” ,unlike my older brother. I couldn’t sit with my legs open like him, I couldn’t play rough like him, I couldn’t eat sloppily like him. I grew up believing these things defined me, that these differences were what separated female from male, when in actuality I have discovered it is only the physical differences that should define male or female, not emotional. Are men really born tough and strong? Or do they grow up watching their father figures being tough and restricting emotion and being taught to be stern. Does this influence them to believe they were biologically predisposed to be this way? As babies, males are not tough or strong compared to females, they are both weak and need to be coddled. It is only once they have experienced the world and witnessed these gender roles that they believe they understand how a male should act compared to a female.

softe gentle femininity gentle woman

This has impacted my life because as a girl, I have witnessed and been taught that men are supposed to protect me, take care of me, and do things for me. As a female, I seek independence and feel the opposite; I can take care of myself and function just fine without a male to take care of me. Defying these gender roles is mystifying to others sometimes, especially those of tradition. By only the age of 3 we have learned what gender we identify with and how we should look and behave. Gender roles are socially constructed and have a major effect on how an individual acts and their beliefs. Being born and identifying as a female, I have learned the subjective view of societies demeaning perspective.







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